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We require that all lubricant brands we deliver must be manufactured in American plants operated by companies based in the United States.

We require that every diesel and passenger car engine oil we carry be officially licensed by the American Petroleum Institute.  With use of engine oils from Farmers Cooperative, you may rest assured that OEM warranty requirements are completely fulfilled, and that your property is internally protected with state-of-the-art lubricant technology.

We require that all lubricant brands we deliver must be manufactured by member companies of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association.

We agree with the Petroleum Quality Institute of America that there are many disreputable products on the market; that consumers deserve far better from our industry, and we pledge our diligence to partner only with suppliers who operate with integrity and honesty in the spirit of excellence in service to others.

Storage and Dispensing Equipment

Farmers Cooperative is an authorized distributor of Graco LD-series lubricants handling equipment, Fluidall and Rhino Tuff Tank storage systems, and can design and install a system to meet your needs.

Ask about our Tank Lease Program when you set up a new system.  We can deliver, install, and fill your new system in one stop.

We offer some of the most innovative storage and dispensing equipment products available.

Lubricant Brands

Farmers Cooperative offers multiple lines of technologically-advanced agriculture, fleet, construction, industrial, and manufacturing lubricants, greases, coolants, and shop fluids. 

All are manufactured in ILMA-member, patron-owned blending plants right here in the Midwest.

Click on the brand of your choice at left to browse a broad offering of lubricants and services to fulfill the operational needs of nearly every commercial industry and private transportation.


Engine oils, tractor fluids, hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, cutting oil, gear oils, compressor oils, specialty oils, and greases are held in stock at our distribution centers, and are ready for prompt delivery within our trade area of Southeast Nebraska and Northeast Kansas.  Designed to haul mixed loads of bulk and packaged lubricants, coolants, floor dry, washer fluid, cleaners, aerosols, ancillary shop fluids, and diesel exhaust fluid, our delivery trucks can bring you every shop fluid solution you need in a single stop.

Farmers Cooperative is affiliated with two oil analysis labs and we can help you monitor machine fluid condition, help diagnose and prevent failure, and extend your drain intervals with unbiased third-party lubricants testing. 

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Cenex TPP Warranty


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