Precision Ag Services

Farmers Cooperative is constantly searching for opportunities that can help you increase net return on your farm. One way we do this is by offering a variety of technologies and services that are designed to maximize yield and efficiency.



  • Nitrogen Advisor - track plant available nitrogen throughout the season
  • Data Visualization - collect, view, and analyze data as you plant and harvest
  • Field Health Advisor - in-season and historical satellite imagery
  • Script Creator - variable rate seeding prescriptions



  • Top 10 - find the best corn hybrids and soybean varieties based on local Answer Plot® results
  • Corn Characterization Charts - use this interactive tool to discover hybrid specific characteristics
  • Create variable rate seeding prescriptions with help from the R7 Tool® knowledgebase



    FC Precision Ag Program

  • Defining management zones for variable rate prescriptions
  • Track plant growth by using in-season and historical satellite imagery
  • Post-calibrate and clean planting data and yield data
  • Advanced yield analysis of any spatial layer
  • Planning and recording inputs for budgeting and forecasting




    Grid Soil Sampling

  • Sample on 2.5, 3.3, or 4.4 acre grids
  • Find fertility variances in each field
  • Correct pH and soil nutrients
  • Generate variable rate prescriptions

    Management Zone Soil Sampling

  • Sample based on areas of productivity
  • Reduce sampling costs
  • Correct pH and soil nutrients
  • Generate variable rate prescriptions

“Build a history of information on your farm to help drive decisions!”


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