Farmers Cooperative C-Stores

Auburn C Store


Monday thru Friday 6am-7pm
Saturday 6am-3pm

We are a convenience store offering quick snacks, beverages, and beer. We offer Fuel and are the ONLY Diesel and Off-Road Diesel location in Auburn.




Beatrice C-Store


Spring/Summer/Fall = Monday Thru Friday 5am-10pm
Saturday 6am-10pm, Sunday 8am-9pm
Winter = Monday Thru Friday 5am-9pm
Saturday 6am-9pm, Sunday 8am-8pm

The Beatrice Cenex Store is all about the location, a variety of cold and hot drinks, snacks and hot foods including various sandwich choices, Hunts Brothers Pizza and Wings, and fresh Tielke sandwiches kept in our cooler. Don’t forget to grab a fresh Sunrise Donut on your morning commute thru town! We also offer reasonably priced tobacco, cold beer, and bagged ice. We offer a 24 hour Pay at the Pump or Pay Inside during hours with Fuel options: E-10 Super No Lead, 87 Octane, E-85 Super No Lead and No Lead. Our diesel options are Road Master Clear Highway, Fieldmaster Dyed Non-Highway, #2 Clear Highway and for the cold winter months, we offer #1 Clear which can be used for Kerosene. Hunters and Fishers may purchase Game and Parks Small Game Permits and everyone of age is able to purchase Park Permits at this location. We are also a deer check-in station. We also offer propane exchange, fill, or purchase bottles during store hours. Feel free to check out our selection of Lottery and Powerball options when in the store. The west end of our building is our shop area where you may get your oil changed, new tires, front end alignment, or whatever repairs your vehicle may need. If you're on the North end of Beatrice, stop by and say "hi"!


Burchard C-Store


Monday Thru Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday Open 8am-Noon

We are a convenience store that offers 24-hour pay at the pump Fuel service. We offer a selection of cold beverages, quick snacks, items from our local area locker, and beer.




Daykin C-Store


April thru October 6am-8pm
November thru March 6am-7pm 

Monday thru Saturday, Sundays open 7am-Close

We are a convenience store that has been open for 30 years. We offer Fuel and Diesel and are known locally in the area for our noon meals where we serve our famous ham and cheese sandwiches. We hope you stop by!

Firth C-Store


Monday thru Friday 7:30am-5pm
Saturdays open 7:30am-Noon

We offer a 24-hour pay at the pump/pay inside during hours with road diesel, super no lead, regular no lead with easy truck access. We are a convenience store with quick snacks, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, cold bottled and can soft drinks. We have Tielkes heat and eat sandwiches, tobacco, bagged ice, grill bottle exchange, and public restrooms. 

Hanover C-Store


Pony Express Service Center

Monday Thru Sunday 6am-9pm

We offer Fuel and Diesel, a convenience store, we offer hot dogs and polish dogs for a quick on the go food. We sell beer and also have a tire store/vehicle service center. We do some mechanical work at the same location, located just behind the c-store, we also offer a tire repair truck out of the tire store which is also for on the farm/road tire service. We also sell on the farm fuel deliveries out of our bulk tanks, and we sell farm diesel thru our one pump location by the bulk rack out back. 


Plymouth C-Store

Monday Thru Saturday 6am-8pm
Sundays open 7am-8pm

Offering Fuel and Diesel, our country store also has a full sub bar for fresh and hot subs and salads. We offer specials Monday-Friday and serve Hunts Brothers pizza along with wings. We also offer a variety of breakfast sandwiches, burritos, pizza, fresh doughnuts, muffins, and cookies. We are a convenience store meeting your needs in children's and adult medicine, basic groceries, soda, candy, oils, and fuel.