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Air temperature, soil temperature, wind speed, wind direction, gusting wind, precipitation, solar radiation, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure are weather variables our patrons can access through Farmers Cooperative Weather Station Network.

Weather Station Locations

Farmers Cooperative has invested in 8 weather stations that are positioned throughout our trade area. These weather stations will offer our patrons and employees with a number of real-time weather variables that can be used for a variety of purposes. The weather data is also saved so going back and viewing previous weeks or even years is only a click of a button. The weather data can be accessed from your phone (app coming soon), tablet, and computer. Farmers Cooperative is providing the weather data to our patrons free of charge. If you are interested request access below so you can start viewing the weather data today.

3 Ways Weather Data can be Beneficial on Your Operation

  • Monitor the soil temperature prior to planting or fall anhydrous application.
  • Observe the general wind speed, gusts, and direction prior to spraying.
  • Irrigation Scheduling: Air Temperature, Wind Speed, Solar Radiation, and Relative Humidity are the variables needed to calculate Evapotranspiration.


Examples of the Weather Data

Solar Radiation

Wind Speed

Wind Direction

Gusting Wind

Air Temperature and Soil Temperature

Atmospheric Pressure