The agronomy department at Farmers Cooperative has this objective in mind: to provide the highest quality products and services to our producer customers/owners, and to be competitive in the market place with which we exist. Our channel partners within the chemical department play an important role in regards to supply, new technologies, agronomics, resistance management, and new products. We feel it is important to provide innovative solutions through the help of our basic manufactures to achieve higher returns for our patrons. We take great pride in understanding the key products, services, and technologies that work in our area and for our owners to succeed.

Full service commitment to providing the right product on the right acre at the right time. Farmers Cooperative in committed to servicing our patrons with the best equipment and employees at all agronomy locations. Give your local agronomist a call today to discuss the newest products, agronomic strategies, and our services to help you become more profitable.




 Fertilizer Manager