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Early In Crop Summer Soil Sampling Pays

Apr 04, 2022

3 Ways EIC Sampling Benefits You

High Quality Soil Samples
Whether you're testing for soil nutrients, carbon analysis, or soil health - EIC sampling delivers a quality sample. Differences between fall and summer soil test results are minimal, and stable soil conditions and moisture levels provide consistency for accurate year-to-year trendline comparisons.

With a large window of time to sample row crops before growth gets too big, sampling can safely occur after planting and emergence without any disturbance or damage tothe growing crop.

Gain More Time for Planning
Get an early start on your fall planning with EIC sampling. Review of soil test results can be done when it is convenient over the summer, instead of during the rush of fall. This will allow you to spend more time developing a successful strategy for each field.

Fertilizer investment is always a significant factor in decision making. The ability to have these important conversations months ahead of time will give you more time to confidently make strategic precision investments in your operation to maximize yield and profit.

Increase Efficiency of Fall Operations
With a plan in place before harvest, fall applications and tillage are not slowed down waiting for weather conditions or test results. Excellent samples can be taken in fall, but too dry or too wet conditions can force you to wait. Since a quality sample is so fundamental to successful decisions this can create a challenge.

EIC sampling provides a solution - with a portion of your sampling already complete, fertilizer or manure applications and tillage can be completed on those fields while you wait for ideal conditions to return on the rest.

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