February Birthdays And Anniversaries

Feb 02, 2023



Ambrose, Ahren Toby Hafer, Brian Shellington, Timothy
Bahnsen, Kyle Harms, Dylan Strate, Lane
Blimling, Cody Hofstetter, Richard Studer, Bradley
Bohaty, Randy Johnson, Dominic Sutton, Randy
Bohling, Eliot Kirchhoff, Justin Swearingen, Chance 
Busboom, Monica Koch, Taylor Uhlman, Jacob
Clement, Jordan McHenry, Taylor Vitosh, Stuart
Colvin, Egypt Mitchell, Aaron Warner, Logan
Dickey, Trey Norris, Ryan Wassenberg, Gary
Doeschot, Darin Nutsch, Kolt Watson, Jordin
Dux, Ronald Placek, Ford Weichel, Chris
French, Dwight Rutti, Jacob Williams, Eric
Fryc, Ronald Scheele, Matthew Yungeberg, Payden
Gronquist, Gavin Shaw, Austin  


Hofstetter, Richard 33 Years Coonce, Patrick 11 Years David, Kurtis 4 Years
Meyer, Claine 32 Years McCoy, Joshua 9 Years Thieszen, Mark 3 Years
Chapman, Larry 32 Years Orth, Robert 9 Years Anderson, Quinten 3 Years
Brandt, Douglas 27 Years Svehla, Aaron 9 Years Mall, Jenna 3 Years
Eickhoff, Steven 26 Years Weiss, Paul 9 Years Hahn, Gavin 2 Years
Havel, Dean 25 Years Jasper, Jodie 8 Years Laetsch, Matthew 2 Years
Agena, Roger 21 Years Snook, Brian 8 Years Wiemer-Matlock, Sherry 2 Years
Nolte, Tony 21 Years Jurgena, Tyrone 8 Years Burhoop, Jordan 2 Years
McPherson, James 20 Years Korbel, Layne 8 Years Plantenga, Melonee 2 Years
Ehmen, Brandon 17 Years Gronenthal, Anna 7 Years Harries, Austin 1 Year
Burkey, Lonnie 15 Years Streit, Nicholas 7 Years Scheele, Cheryl 1 Year
Holle, Scott 15 Years Osborne, Dennis 6 Years Hooper, Justin 1 Year
Bohling, Eliot 14 Years Brazee, Rebeka 6 Years Ambrose, Ahren Toby 1 Year
Kahler, Nathan 13 Years Ambrose, Ahren 5 Years Tuttle, Marvin 1 Year
Bohaty, Randy 13 Years Bergmeier, Brandon 5 Years    
Franzluebbers, Ryan 13 Years Little, Shawn 4 Years    

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