Farmers Cooperative: The Right Seed, The Right Traits, The Right People

Farmers Cooperative has a complete portfolio of seed to fit your farming needs. In addition to our solid lineup, our seed salesman have an unsurpassed knowledge of our offerings to find the right seed and trait combination for your acre. We can "tailor make" a package of seed and traits to best benefit your bottom line.  We offer a full line of Seed Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa, Grain Sorghum, Wheat and other crop specific seed to meet your needs.  We have both lawn and pasture grass seed available at our Seward location.

Our commitment to seed, traits, and technologies with our channel partners is very strong and we continue to advance the very best the industry offers to our owners.  Investing locally to serve the needs of our patrons in the area of seed and seed treatment can be found at the following bulk seed locations: Milford, Plymouth, Fairbury, Odell, Princeton, Milligan, Exeter, Filley, Geneva, Frankfort, and Raymond.  Each of these locations have seed treatment capabilities of protecting your seed investment with the latest seed treatment advancements.  Our full line of seed treatment products like Apron Maxx, Cruiser Maxx Advanced w/Vibrance and Vault HP inoculants that can be applied on site with top of the line seed treatment equipment.

Contact Us
Scott Heinrich - Agronomy Sales Manager
Dewitt Location
402-480-0695 Cell
Brian Scherling - Seed Operations Manager
Plymouth Agronomy
402-239-2789 Cell
402-656-3231 Office

Bulk Location Contacts:
Plymouth – Brian Sherling 402 239-2789
Fairbury – Pat Arner 402-587-9078
Odell – Jeff Humphries 402 239-3561
Princeton – Larry Edgar 402 480-0693
Milligan – Brad Scarf 402 641-8216
Exeter – Jake Zajic 605-660-7992
Filley - Tony Hoffman 402-662-3885
Geneva - Doug Brandt 402-759-4782
Frankfort - Chance Steele 785-268-0075
Raymond - Chad Bearinger 402-641-6844
Milford 402-761-2126