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 Kevin Wittler
 Feed Manager
Welcome to Farmers Cooperative Feed Division
Agri Management Center
  • Feeder Finance Programs
  • Production Consulting
  • Production Closeout Information
  • Pig Champ Records Bureau
  • Beef Connections Records
  • Profit/Loss Projections
  • Pork Project Alliances including Americas Best Pork and Americas Premium Pork

Cooperative Livestock Enterprises
  • Livestock Dealer - Licensed and Bonded
  • SEW/Feeder Pig placement
  • Portable Cattle Scales available for producer use
  • Rent/Rent to Own Creep Feeders and Lick Tanks
  • Livestock Equipment
  • Animal Health Products

Nutritional Services
  • Dairy Specialist - on staff
  • Beef Specialists - on staff
  • Swine Specialist - on staff
  • Multi Species/Companion Animal Specialists
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Ration Balancing and Analysis
  • Forage Testing
  • Feed and Ingredient Forward Contracting

Feed Production Services
  • Processing
  • Mixing
  • Pelleting
  • Cubing
  • Bagging
  • Delivery
  • Liquid Feeds
  • Whole Cottonseed