Farmers Cooperative Grain Department

Farmers Cooperative’s grain department is invested in our owners’ success by continually modernizing our physical assets while bringing competitive price advantages to our owners.  Our ability to arbitrage in competitive markets including export, domestic and local processors while providing consistent risk management programs is only one of our strengths.   Our origination staff has the knowledge and experience to help you manage the tough decisions of marketing your grain. 

Producers utilize our 32 grain facilities covering eight counties in SE Nebraska & NE Kansas.  With over 45 million bushels of licensed storage, we pride ourselves on serving the local producer quickly and efficiently.

Our mission “Investing in Our Owners’ Success” is what drives us to continually update our facilities and increase our storage capacity.   Farmers Cooperative is committed to providing the producer with a full support system from the farm to the market.

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Dale Hayek Grain 946-2211 ext. 120
Doug Lewis Grain 946-2211 ext.145
Nick SousekGrain 946-2211 ext. 134
Matt SteukTruck 946-2211 ext. 149
Sherri Harre Grain 946-2211 ext. 144
Cathy WeberGrain 946-2211 ext. 129
Wanda SchwisowGrain 946-2211 ext. 166
Missy VnoucekGrain 946-2211 ext. 131
Gary LytleBranch 656-3615 ext. 225
Dawn MeyerGrain 656-3615 ext. 222
Katie EppGrain 656-3615 ext. 202
Hanover, KS   
Ernie HrochBranch 337-2222 ext. 222
Joann ScheeleGrain 337-2222 ext. 221
Lynnette ScheeleGrain 337-2222 ext. 223
Rolan KnustBranch 424-2230 
Norbert HarmsGrain 641-3233
Farmers Cooperative is a Nebraska State licensed grain dealer and warehouseman as well as an active member of the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA). All trade rules are governed as such.