Get Paid for Life

RetireMint - Get paid for life with your own defined benefit pension program!

Your co-op invests in you and with you.
While you work, the co-op generously invests alongside you in your RetireMint plan; think of the co-op as your silent co-investor. As you set money aside, and as long as you are a cooperative employee, the co-op funds your paycheck now and in the future. It is a steady and predictable harvest.

Few U.S. workers can claim a pay-check-for-life.
Today, fewer than 10 percent of private U.S. employers offer traditional pension plans. Thirty years ago, there were nearly four times as many. Pensions are unique today because they require companies to invest their money and time into their people. Your company, unlike most companies, still invests in its employees’ futures. 

Empowered Employees, Proud Employer.
RetireMint is remarkable for its strength, simplicity and for its completely reliable financial outcomes. It reflects your employer’s commitment to you, families, and to the entire co-op community. A paycheck for life in retirement is a benefit cooperative employers are proud to offer.