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You'll find no more reliable partner than Farmers Cooperative for quality energy products and services in southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas.

We put our customers first. You can rest assured that you'll receive our full, whether you need propane for your home, fuel for your farm or a pizza for dinner. We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Trust our team to work for you at a location near you.

Fuel Card Request

Farmers Cooperative fuel cards are accepted at our 24 fueling locations in southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas. This allows you to consolidate payments to one monthly statement, no matter which locations you use.

Refined Fuels

Refined Fuels

Farmers Cooperative is a leading supplier of Cenex premium diesel fuels in the Midwest. For over 50 years, we have been a leader in volume sales across the Cenex sales territory.

Farmers Cooperative is committed to supplying the highest quality diesel fuel available with the most comprehensive additive package on the market. With smart injection systems at the fuel terminal, Farmers Cooperative provides diesel fuel with the perfect amount of additives in every gallon of fuel.

Our injection process is exact down to parts per million of each additive, ensuring that our customers get the precise amount required in each gallon they pump.


Whether you need propane for your residence, farm or business, Farmers Cooperative has you covered. Our Fleet of delivery trucks serve southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas.

Should you need service, our mobile trucks are on the job for installation, upgrades and other needs. Safety is our number one priority, so rest assured that assured that our employees are trained and certified.

We offer a number of programs, contracts and payment options to meet your needs. Contract us to find out which is best for you. 

Propane Policies


We schedule deliveries on an as-needed basis, but your usage dictates how often and when your tank is filled. Routed customers are billed at $0.10 per under gallon under the daily call-in price. You must have a charge account in good standing and have the capability to take a 250-gallon minimum delivery. Customers with heat pumps, wood stoves, or any additional heating source other than a propane furnace must rent a monitor to be on the routed program. Customers with structures that are unattended for extended period of time during the winter months must also rent a monitor to be on the routed program. 


The budget-pay program begins June 1 each year and ends April 30 the following year. The estimated cost of your propane purchases for the year is divided into 11 equal payments. Because of variations in cost and usage, we reserve the right to adjust monthly payments if necessary. Any shortages must be paid in full by the end of each May. Overpayments will be credited toward the next year's budget plan, or you may request a check for the overpayment amount. Propane is delivered per the routed program policies.


For this program, you are responsible for ordering propane deliveries. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, with the exception of holidays. Same day emergency call-in order delivery incurs a $125.00 fee. Call-in orders with a 1-2 business day notice incur a $75.00 fee. Call-in orders are a minimum of 250 gallons. Orders of less than 250 gallons incur a $50.00 fee. Call-in policies do not apply to routed, irrigation or grain drying deliveries.

Propane Service Number




Should your tank run out of propane, we are required to complete a leak test before the system is put back into service. Out-of-gas calls will incur a $75.00 fee for the leak test. This fee is in addition to any other charges that may apply. No system will be put back into service until it is proven to be gas tight and free of leaks. An adult who resides at the location must be present to allow our drivers to put system back into service following a successful leak test. routed, irrigation, and grain dry customers are not subject to out-of-gas charges.


Tanks that are 400-gallon capacity or smaller are subject to a $50.00 delivery fee.


Should you have an interruption of service from the tank to house, you are required to notify Farmers Cooperative. Interruption of service may include but are not limited to out-of-gas situations, new lines, new gas appliances, and removal of gas lines or appliances.

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