2022 Scholarship Recipients

Student's Name Parents' Names High School
Brookelyn Bahnsen Kyle & Kim Bahnsen Beatrice High School
Kanin Baker Tanner & Angela Baker Tri County High School
Wyatt Bearinger Chad & Stacey Bearinger Lincoln East High School
Johnathan Burgett Eric & Shannon Burgett Lewiston High School
Devon Busboom Jeffery & Jennifer Busboom Beatrice High School
Jaiden Coudeyras Kent Coudeyras Beatrice High School
Preston Franzluebbers Ryan & Kerrie Franzluebbers Northlake Christian High School
Ella Hafer Eric & Heather Strouf Tri County High School
Gracin Hahn James & Robin Hahn Tri County High School
Blake Hansen Matt & Donna Hansen Dorchester High School
Brynn Holtmeier Ryan & Angie Holtmeier Meridian High School
Ella Hostetler Doyle & Deb Hostetler Milford High School
Samuel Nickolite Jason & Jenny Nickolite Pius X High School
Benjamin Nohavec Michael & Amanda Nohavec Dorchester High School
Emma Olsen Kent & Shellie Olsen Exeter-Milligan High School
Haden Otto Dean & Lisa Otto Freeman High School
Paige Petersen Tom & Angela Petersen Centennial High School
Lauren Pieper Doug & Lisa Pieper Beatrice High School
Nicholas Scheele David & Brenda Scheele Tri County High School
Kimberly Schropfer Robert & Christine Schropfer Meridian High School
Erika Schwisow Matt & Deb Schwisow Meridian High Schol
Coy Stamm Curtis & Marlene Stamm Washington County High School
Larissa Tegtmeier Tim & Kim Tegtmeier Pawnee City High School
Christian Weber Joel Weber & Amy Weber Friend High School
Esdon Weers Darin & Kendra J. Weers Diller-Odell High School
Gavin Weichel Chad & Deb Weichel Tri County High School

Nebraska Cooperative Council Education Foundation Scholarships

As a member of the Nebraska Cooperative Council, Farmers Cooperative patrons become eligible for this scholarship. Colleges included in the scholarship program are:

  • UNL College of Ag Sciences & Natural Resources - students majoring in agribusiness or agricultural economics 
  • Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) at Curtis - students majoring in agribusiness or ag production systems
  • UNK - upperclass students majoring in agribusiness 
Student eligibility is restricted to sons/daughters of a parent/legal guardian who has been an active member, director, or employee for at least the prior three years of Farmers Cooperative. Visit their website for more information.