Your operation and animals come first

Farmers Cooperative is a preferred source for optimal nutrition for animals, whether you feed thousands of cattle or a single llama.

Our on-staff livestock consultants service the diverse needs of our patrons throughout southeastern Nebraska and northeastern Kansas. We offer numerous product lines and knowledgeable service to ensure your animals receive the nutrition they need to thrive.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our feed customers, and you can count on us as a trusted resource to meet the challenges you face daily. Our promise is to put safety first, do what we say, deliver what we promise and quickly respond should an issue ever arise.

Contact us to learn how Farmers Cooperative feed will deliver for you and your animals.

Quality products from brands you trust 

Whether you need pellets, supplements, minerals, tubs, blocks or many other nutritional products, odds are we have it. When you’re ready for a feed delivery, you can order through your Farmers Cooperative feed representative, or simply call in to the office and place your order.


  • Rangeland tubs supplement
  • Wind & Rain mineral   
  • Honor Show Feed
  • Red Flannel pet food 
  • Equine feeds


  • Crystalyx tubs 
  • Show-Rite show feed


  • AMPT mineral 
  • Rough-N-Ready creep 
  • AminoGain/Beef-trate supplements 
  • MoorMan’s ShowTec show feeds 


  • Sure Champ & Vita Charge
  • Concept Aid mineral and tubs


  • Swine Feed 
  • Supplements


  • Quality Liquid Feeds
  • Purina liquid 
  • MLS Tubs 
  • Custom rations 
  • Bulk feed delivery 
  • Animal health products  

Feed Services: Going above and beyond

Our feed consultants work closely with you to fully understand your needs so we can best deliver the nutritional products that will make a difference for your operation. Here are examples of our services:

  • Beef, dairy and swine specialists on staff
  • Ration balancing and profit/loss projections
  • Forage testing
  • On-farm delivery
  • Rent and rent-to-own creep feeders and totes
  • Portable cattle scales available for producers to use
  • Purina feed financing
  • SEW/feeder pig placement


Bale Feeders
  • Bextra
  • Plymouth Industries Bale Feeders
  • Applegate Bale Feeders
  • L&H Manufacturing Bale Feeders
Creep Feeders
  • L&H Manufacturing Creep Feeders & Totes
  • King Ag Products Creep Feeders
  • Apache Creep Feeders
  • Hastings Stock Tanks
  • Variety of Mineral Feeders
  • Fencing
  • Behlen Gates
  • Red Brand Barbed-Wire

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