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Lubricants and fluids are critical to the operation of your equipment. With proper maintenance and quality products, you'll avoid downtime and extend the life of vehicles and equipment.

We strive to be a trust partner for you when it comes to lubes and fluids. We want customers for life, and our first priority is to make sure we deliver on our promises to you. Farmers Cooperative will do right by you, just as we've done for nearly a century.



  • Delivery of oil, coolants, DEF, and other shop fluids throughout our territory
  • Let us help your farm and business:
    • Find correct fluids and fluid storage equipment for every application
    • Improve reliability and reduce downtime
    • Extend fluid drain intervals safely through predictive analysis
    • Maximize equipment life and minimize risk
    • Control operational costs

Lubricant Order Desk:



Oil Analysis

We provide unbiased. third-party lubricant testing to help you monitor machine fluid conditions, diagnose and prevent failure and extend drain intervals.

When you purchase and use lubricants from Farmers Cooperative, you receive special pricing on oil sampling kits and extracting pumps. You then receive predictive maintenance consulting by a certified oil monitoring analyst. Data interpretation and maintenance/interval recommendation is included with sampling kit purchases.

We partner with ALS Laboratories through the LubeScan® program to offer a simple yet comprehensive oil analysis and predictive maintenance program. LubeScan® results are entered into a database that is then accessed by an oil monitoring analyst. This affords customers simple access to the latest oil analysis technology and experienced troubleshooting and advice.

Additionally, Farmers Cooperative partners with Growmark® Oil Analysis (which also handles Archer® Oil analysis services) and can offer independent verification and rapid response.

Meet our Lubes Team

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What customers say about premium diesel engine lubricants from Farmers Cooperative: 

Lubricant Advisor / Recommendation Tools

These tools help you to find the recommended lubricant for your engines. 


DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

DEF is necessary to keep your trucks running. This is because many diesel engine manufacturers chose Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) technology to meet the 2010 EPA Emissions Standards. Without DEF, your diesel vehicles will not function.


We carry Ultrapure DEF from Brenntag in multiple sizes. Brenntag had a comprehensive set of questions and answers related to DEF that can be found here.