Improving With Assets

Oct 11, 2020

Wilber Bin
We often use the phrase “Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset,” but what does that mean at Farmers Cooperative? Everyday employee’s use their knowledge learned of how Farmers Cooperative is working by sharing insights into optimizing processes, identifying trends which allows us to capitalize on things that are working well and recognizing cross-functional teamwork opportunities. This allows all 600+ employees with feet-on-the-ground the ability to communicate with customers, anticipating needs and heading off problems before they happen.


Pictured: (left) 2018 Pickrell New Truck Scale, (middle) 2018 Wilber Concrete Storage, (right) 2018 Virgina Concrete Storage

The intangible value made possible by employee actions is what makes Farmers Cooperative employees the greatest asset. Actions such as caring enough to go the extra mile to get something done, taking outstanding care of customers because they believe in and consider themselves a part of Farmers Cooperative. As we see more baby boomers getting ready to retire, Farmers Cooperative is workinghard to fill these positions with ASSETS willing to workand grow within the Company long term. While the unemployment rate continues to trend down the process is not an easy task.

Being great assets for Farmers Cooperative is only half of the story. The ownership and accountability of manyof our employees overflows into our local communitiesby coaching youth teams, participating on varioustown boards and being first responders as well as otheractivities. To balance this, plus a family, is more than a full time job. When you get a chance let them know you appreciate their efforts for you our customer as well as the local communities we enjoy together.

Farmers Cooperative continues to make improvements with additional Fixed Assets. New grain storage, 400,000 bushel metal bin, is being built in Ruby to complete their 4-plex. Virginia is also adding a 400,000 bushel metal bin. Concrete storage is being constructed in Wilber, 630,000 bushel, while Burchard will have a 500,000 bushel tube along with a newleg. The addition of efficientgrain storage allows us to remove older out dated storage in Burchard and Virginia and clean up the communities. New truck scales are being added in Virginia and Pickrell.

Assets are a big key to having a successful business. Farmers Cooperative continues to look for individuals to become our “Greatest Assets” along with building newfixed assets so we can serve ourcustomers and generate long- term value for our patrons and continue contributing to the local communities.

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