Difference Maker Nominee: Riley Wagner

Feb 10, 2022

Riley Wagner
Many times, our employees demonstrate our core values and make a difference without blinking an eye. Farmers Cooperative truly has a dedicated employee base that takes pride in the work we do and the patrons and communities we sere. With so many employees and locations, these difference making acts don't always get recognized by our peers. Because of that, we are excited to roll out a new employee recognition program to help spotlight the hard work employees demonstrate on a day-to-ay basis. This program allows employees to recognize other employees.

Congratulations to Riley Wagner, C-Store Clerk in Hanover, on being nominated for making a difference at Farmers Cooperative.

Riley Wagner
Work Location:
Hanover C-Store
Job Title:
C-Store Clerk
Number of Years with Farmers Cooperative:
5 months
What does a typical day look like?
For me a typical day looks very busy. I'm currently a K-State student majoring in Elementary Education, I do homework in most of my free time. I work for Farmers Cooperative, and I am also a substitute teacher. My days are very different depending on where I'm needed, but I love the chaos!
What do you enjoy the most about working for Farmers Cooperative?
I enjoy the relationships I have built with my customers and the connections I make with travelers. I meet knew people everyday, and those relationships stick. I also have a great team here at the Pony, they encourage me to do my best, and we always share laughs.
What core value do you identify with the most?
Why did you choose that core value? 
I chose integrity because I view myself as a very honest and dependable person. I always hold myself accountable towards my actions. My integrity helps me be a better worker and employee, and helps me insure the needs of my customers.
What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I take advantage of relaxing, however more recently I have begun remodeling my house and found myself busy with winter online classes!

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