High Octane Supplements

Apr 29, 2021

High Octane

Take advantage of the 10% discount on High Octane Supplements during the month of May at Farmers Cooperative (while supplies last)

Every livestock show project needs to begin with good feed and sound management. Once you have that, you need to help your animal develop good, consistent eating habits, followed by fine tuning your animal's performance with High Octane Supplements. 

These supplements need time to work so it's best to begin them 30-60 days before the show. The only exception would be High-Octane Depth Charge; with that supplement, you can see results quicker. There is a wide array of High-Octane supplements and each has a specific mode of action and will influence a certain part of the animal's body. 

Our two biggest movers are High Octane Champion Drive and High Octane Ultra Full. The Champion Drive helps build muscle and supports skeletal growth, and Ultra Full helps the animal appear deeper weith optimal flank. The best way to know which one would work best on your project would be to visit with one of Farmers Cooperative's livestock consultants. Farmers Cooperative carries these supplements at our Beatrice feed mill, but they can be shipped to any Farmers Cooperative location near you. 

For more information, please contact one of our livestock consultants:
Livestock Consultant Phone Number
Glen Burenheide 402-239-4619
Linda McKay 402-239-2695
Morganne Zabokrtsky 785-541-0085
Mike Stephens 402-239-3197
Jim Damrow 402-297-9359


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