2022 Scholarship Recipients

Mar 29, 2022

Scholarship Recipients

Farmers Cooperative is pleased to announce that 26 area high school seniors have been selected to receive the Farmers Cooperative scholarship. Each student will receive $1,000 to be used at a post-secondary institution for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

The Farmers Cooperative scholarship committee reviewed applications and selected recipients based on academic excellence, college and career goals, as well as the student’s involvement in their school and community. We thank everyone for their interest in our scholarship and wish all graduating seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors. 

2022 Farmers Cooperative Scholarship Recipients

Student's Name Parents' Names High School
Brookelynn Bahnsen Kyle & Kim Bahnsen Beatrice High School
Kanin Baker Tanner & Angela Baker Tri County High School
Wyatt Bearinger Chad & Stacey Bearinger Lincoln East High School
Johnathan Burgett Eric & Shannon Burgett Lewiston High School
Devon Busboom Jeffery & Jennifer Busboom Beatrice High School
Jaiden Coudeyras Kent Coudeyras Beatrice High School
Preston Franzluebbers Ryan & Kerrie Franzluebbers Northlake Christian High School
Ella Hafer Eric & Heather Strouf Tri County High School
Gracin Hahn James & Robin Hahn Tri County High School
Blake Hansen Matt & Donna Hansen Dorchester High School
Brynn Holtmeier Ryan & Angie Holtmeier Meridian High School
Ella Hostetler Doyle & Deb Hostetler Milford High School
Samuel Nickolite Jason & Jenny Nickolite Pius X High School
Benjamin Nohavec Michael & Amanda Nohavec Dorchester High School
Emma Olsen Kent & Shellie Olsen Exeter-Milligan High School
Haden Otto Dean & Lisa Otto Freeman High School
Paige Petersen Tom & Angela Petersen Centennial High School
Lauren Pieper Doug & Lisa Pieper Beatrice High School
Nicholas Scheele David & Brenda Scheele Tri County High School
Kimberly Schropfer Robert & Christine Schropfer Meridian High School
Erika Schwisow Matt & Deb Schwisow Meridian High Schol
Coy Stamm Curtis & Marlene Stamm Washington County High School
Larissa Tegtmeier Tim & Kim Tegtmeier Pawnee City High School
Christian Weber Joel Weber & Amy Weber Friend High School
Esdon Weers Darin & Kendra J. Weers Diller-Odell High School
Gavin Weichel Chad & Deb Weichel Tri County High School

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