Intern Spotlight: Bryce Wemhoff

Jun 02, 2022

Bryce Wemhoff
Meet Bryce Wemhoff! For the summer, he is an agronomy intern located in Milford, NE. 
Where are you from?
I am from Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Where do you go to college?
I go to UNL and I am an Agronomy major. 

Why did you choose to be an intern with Farmers Cooperative?
I heard about Farmers Cooperative at a UNL career fair. Farmers Cooperative presented at agronomy club, and I did some research over them and interviewed with Buck. 

What are some of your daily tasks?
Every morning I come in and check with Buck to see what he needs done, what the plan for the day is. Things looking forward to in the week. That’s mostly Monday stuff. Check in and see what we have ahead of us. My first week, I had some time to hop around the seed shed, the chemical shed, riding around with Buck just checking for emergence. Right now, we are starting to get into some scouting, checking for issues weeds. Yesterday, we went out, saw some sunflower issues in a field just east of Milford. So, right now we’re getting into some heavy scouting and looking at the test plots here at the Milford location and at the Raymond location. That’s been a large portion of what I’ve been doing these past weeks. 

What is one thing you’ve learned recently that you didn’t think you would have?
For me, all this stuff is kind of new. It’s very informative just seeing the chemical side of it and also the scouting side of it. I really enjoy riding along with Buck because you have the obvious stuff, pointing out what different weeds are, but he has so much more knowledge about just weird little tricks that he’s learned, or he’s heard from other people. Just anything as simple as which way does a weed typically twist when looking for different things like that. So weird facts like that just really stuck with me. And different identification for weeds, what to look for, showing us, taking the time to stop at a field. And if we start to see some frost damage, taking the time to point out what’s all going on, describe the process of what happened to that soybean seed that caused that frost injury, the result of it. 

What has been your favorite part of your internship so far?
I’ve definitely enjoyed the scouting out in the field. I like to be out and about, outside, and getting to see different landscapes, see different situations with either heavy moisture in the soil or a little drier environments. Yesterday, I got to up near Davenport and see some cover crop fields and I really enjoyed that, getting to see just how well the soils form, the structure of the soil is after that cover crop. 

Moving forward, what job/career path do you see yourself pursuing?
I definitely see myself a lot more on the scouting side, not so much on chem shed. I do enjoy sitting in there and learning but I do really enjoy the outside atmosphere and consulting the farmers, getting out there and being very connected with them. Being able to meet with them and telling them this is what’s going on, this is what I see. Kind of really seeing success or learning from failures about what I’ve recommended in the past that’s worked or hasn’t worked and new challenges ahead. 

What is a fun fact about yourself?
A fun fact would be that I am a member of the Rodeo Club at UNL. I do a lot of volunteer work, I haul cattle, help with events. Just kind of doing whatever needs to be done for those that do participate, do events, do bull ride or team rope. Helping with anything they need and I really enjoyed the rodeo that we hosted in the spring.  

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