Intern Spotlight: Carter Reckling

Jun 22, 2022

Carter Reckling
Meet Carter Reckling! This summer he is an agronomy intern located in Dorchester, NE. 

Where are you from?
I live in Crete, NE and grew up south of Dorchester, NE.
Where do you go to college?
I go to Doane University and I’m majoring in Agribusiness and minoring in Environmental Science.
Why did you choose to be an intern with Farmers Cooperative?
I wanted to get to know the basics of the operations. I’m looking into becoming a chemical representative so this would be a good way to see how everything works, where I’m selling these chemicals to, and how they are being applied to crops.
What are some of your daily tasks?
With operations, I pick up fertilizer tanks and will load chemicals into the sprayers and tender trucks. I also help in the fertilizer shed, scout fields, and deliver chemicals.
What is one thing you’ve learned recently that you didn’t think you would have?
I would say how the chemicals affect the crops, when to know the right time to spray, and what the benefits of fertilizer are. To give an example, with the wind speeds, knowing when it’s too windy or not too windy to spray. If it gets too hot out, how that can affect the chemical or what affect the chemical will have on the weeds.
What has been your favorite part of your internship so far?
Interacting with my co-workers and mentors, learning every day, and not being afraid to ask questions.
Moving forward, what job/career path do you see yourself pursuing?
Either something such as this or a chemical representative. Another career path I was considering was being a crop duster, but my mom got mad at me because she said it’s dangerous.
What is one fun fact about yourself?
My favorite color is green.


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