Intern Spotlight: Corbin Smith

Jul 07, 2022

Corbin Smith
Meet Corbin Smith! This summer he is a grain origination intern located in Plymouth, NE. 

Where are you from?
I am from Sharon Springs, KS.
Where do you go to college?
I go to Kansas State University and my major is Agricultural Economics.
Why did you choose to be an intern with Farmers Cooperative?
The grain origination internship became of interest to me after I talked to Micaela at a career fair.
What are some of your daily tasks?
Typically, in the mornings we get the comments of what’s going on in the markets and some of the reasoning behind it. So, I’ll read up on that, but everything really depends on the day. I will run the scale house, go to other locations to dump and load trucks, and answer phone calls.
What is one thing you’ve learned or did that you didn’t think you would have?
I didn’t know that we’d have so many group intern activities and opportunities for self-improvement, professional development, and networking. That was all a very pleasant surprise.
What has been your favorite part of your internship so far?
Diving in and learning about all the different contracts that the co-op has to offer for producers. I’ve enjoyed gaining a better understanding of the markets and how it all works. It’s been really interesting with such high commodity prices.
Moving forward, what job/career path do you see yourself pursuing?
I’d like to be involved in the grain markets whether that’s possibly merchandising or being a broker. Somewhere along those lines is where I picture myself going.
What is one fun fact about yourself?
I enjoy the outdoors and camping whenever I can find a good weekend to do so. 

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