Intern Spotlight - Nolan Wolfe

Jul 21, 2023

Meet Nolan Wolfe! This summer Nolan is an agronomy sales intern splitting his time between Milford, NE and Raymond, NE.

Where are you from?
I am from Lincoln, NE.

Where do you go to school and what are you studying?
I currently go to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and I am majoring in Agribusiness with a minor in Agronomy.

Why did you choose to be an intern with Farmers Cooperative?
I chose to be an intern with Farmers Cooperative because I had a good interview and really like my manager, Chad. He's a great guy and knows a lot about what he does. The projects he had lined up for me to do this summer sounded like something that I would really enjoy and like to do. That's why I chose Farmers Cooperative.

What are some of your day-to-day activities?
Some of my day-to-day activities include scouting fields and helping customers with whatever they need. We have had some soybean replant this year, so I was able to get a little experience delivering seed and then chemicals. The rest of my time I'm in the test plots making sure everything looks good and gathering data and information to put into the seed catalog for next year that I am helping create.

What is one thing that you've learned so far this summer?
This summer I have had a great opportunity to learn more about seeds and the genetics that go into the seeds. We've been to quite a few plot trainings with most of the seed companies that the coop works with. Those are always so informational and helpful to learn new things.

What has been you favorite part of your internship thus far?
My favorite has been the days that we spend at the plot and the seed trainings that we have done have for sure been some of my favorite days. Like I mentioned earlier, those days are so informational. I enjoy getting seed catalogs from all the different companies every year and looking though and reading those is fun for me. I just like learning about all of the new seeds and technology that comes out every year. So knowing that I have a part in creating the one for Farmers Cooperative is cool to me. 

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I was born and lived in Minnesota until I was five.

What would be your dream job, or what is a job you plan on pursuing post-graduation?
I plan on do something similar to the role I am in now, agronomy sales. I don't know if it would be for a cooperative or another seed company, but I like the seed side of things and plan on pursuing that. 

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