Keeping Engines Protected In Cold Weather Is A Priority

Sep 01, 2020


Chuck Swerczek, Energy Sales Specialist

While we are only a few weeks away from crisp autumn air and the beginning of harvest, it may seem impossible to start thinking about preparing for cold weather. However, it is extremely important to be ahead of the game before winter hits.

It is essential you maintain fuel tanks for cold weather performance. With proper tank maintenance and fuel handling, you can avoid most common cold weather problems. During the winter months, ice formation in fuels containing water creates severe fuel line and filter plugging problems. It’s important to regularly remove water from storage tanks, vehicle fuel tanks, and filter bowls, as well as replacing fuel filters according to manufacturer recommendations, or at least once a year. A waterlogged filter will swell and freeze, restricting fuel flow.

Don’t forget to take the steps necessary to protect your diesel-powered equipment from harsh winter weather. Premium diesel fuels are exactly what you need. Farmers Cooperative offers RoadmasterXL® and Ruby Fieldmaster® which are seasonally enhanced with CFI (cold flow improvers) and #1 diesel blends. Both are formulated for moderate climates and provide outstanding protection during extremely cold conditions.

The proper use of cold flow improvers can extend the operability of fuels without the use of #1 fuel. They serve two functions, including changing the wax structure of diesel fuel so it can pass through filters more readily, as well as keeping wax crystals dispersed longer when fuels are stored below the cloud point. Cold flow additives do not reduce cloud point and using #1 fuel is the only way to reduce the cloud point of diesel as it typically has a very low cloud point. Always blend fuel and fuel additives when fuel is at least 10 degrees above its cloud point. Blending cold flow additives into diesel that is already at or below its cloud point will have no effect on the fuel. As a rule of thumb, for every 10% of #1 fuel used, the cloud point will drop by 3 degrees. For example, 50% #1 fuel into the 50% Ruby Fieldmaster® + CFI will reduce the cloud point of the blended fuel by 15 degrees or lower.

If you have any questions on how to keep your engines protected in cold weather, please contact me at 402-580-7562. Thank you for your continued support!

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