Remaining Optimistic In The Livestock Industry

Sep 04, 2020


Kevin Wittler
Feed Division Manager

As we are closing in on a bountiful fall harvest, pasture grass has matured, and the spring calf crop is starting to look toward life without mama. Your cooperative will once again offer a wide range of starter feed options at reduced pricing. Please remember to plan ahead and secure the appropriate VFD from your veterinarian so your feed team can readily fill your orders. If you need assistance or recommendation on the starter program that matches your individual operation, please contact your Farmers Cooperative cattle consultant or your local branch.

Body condition scores appear to be good and with a little continued help from Mother Nature and some supplemental nutrition, we should be able to winter these cows effectively. Please watch for your cooperative’s fall cattle feed booking program coming out soon. Farmers Cooperative offers many different protein and energy sources to meet the nutritional needs of your livestock. Delivery systems range from blocks and cubes to tubs and liquids, whichever fits your operational needs best.

Several competitive lines are offered, including: Crystalyx, MLS, ADM, Moormans, and Rangeland tubs; ADM and QLF liquids; ADM and Purina range cubes; winter creep feeds; as well as the Purina Intake Modifier Tech products Accuration Range Supplement 33 and Finisher 44. We continually research products and their availability which can improve your efficiencies and add to your bottom line.

This year, due to generally more than ample rains, we are seeing some diminished nutrient levels in some available forage supplies. This means we need to improve the palatability and nutritional content of these lower quality forages. We see continued interest in liquid supplements and their use to enhance lower quality forages. If you are needing information on options to effectively increase the palatability and nutritional content of these forages, please contact your Farmers Cooperative beef specialist.

Reduced feed costs, as well as adequate consumer demand for our livestock producers’ products, lets us remain optimistic looking ahead at an opportunity for those of you in the livestock industry.

As you work your way through a busy upcoming harvest and hopefully a substantial amount of fall field work, we would like to ask that you remember your feed delivery employees by maintaining safe access to open and close bin lids, as well as a clear truck approach to your bins during the upcoming winter.

We would also like to express our appreciation for the advanced planning and ordering you were able to afford your feed mills this past year. Please attempt to place orders as far in advance as possible in order to allow our employees to schedule much deserved breaks with their families.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with each of your operations and we sincerely hope you have a safe and productive fall season.

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