December 2023 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Dec 27, 2023

Please help us celebrate with these Farmers Cooperative employees who have birthdays and anniversaries in the month of December.


Curtis Regstorf 44 Eric Real 6 Russell Linhart 3
Jeffrey Wehrbein 36 Dylan Harms 5 Brayden Olsen 3
Kent Evers 20 Benjamin Scheer 5 Ryan Wendling 3
Lynnette Scheele 18 Ronald Fryc 4 Paul Zajicek 3
Shane Kearns 10 Seth Lindley 4 Robert Boyd 2
Kevin Milke 9 Robert Auman 3 Avery Arban 1
Rhonda Zoubek 8 Cade Francis 3 Stacy Schernikau 1
Benjamin Foree 7 Justin Kirchhoff 3 Robyn Thille 1


Colleen Brown James Hornkohl Tracy Saathoff
Eric Burgett Hope Hudson Daniel Sargent
Taylor Cerveny Bridger James Bradley Scarf
Taylor Collins Adam Kimmerling Stacy Schernikau
Thomas Creek Maykala King Heather Snyder
Colton Crook Layne Korbel Ethan Sprain
Connie Deke Caroline Kouma Aaron Svehla
George Delong Jared Kyner Tyler Todd
Tyler Deters Matthew Laetsch Kayla Topp
Eric Eyer Joshua McCoy Michael Tubbs
Ryan Franzluebbers Claine Meyer Shonielle Vanlaningham
Matthew George Floyd Nitzsche Laurie Vitosh
Amanda Goldsberry Robert Orth Jacob Waldron
Ryan Hafer Andrew Petersen Nathaniel Watson
Scott Heinrich Adrian Pishny Richard Wedding
Anthony Hoffman Alicia Porter Coldyn Weiche
Gordon Holroyd Grant Rogers Jarrod Weiss
Adam Holst Mary Rowell Paul Weiss
Robert Hopper Amy Ruyle Kevin Wittler

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